Playground Trends

Each week, British children get on average £11.20 as pocket money. Some save but others can’t wait to spend their cash.

Kids love to show new and exciting toys to their classmates and they are quick to adopt playground trends. The sooner they get the latest gadget or collectable the cooler they become with their friends. Creating memorable pocket money toy graphics is a skill that taps into the latest trends and fashions. Conjuring the right combination of creative that helps drive the popularity and momentum of products.

With Finger Whips scooters we created a brand look that reflected aspirational teen graphics. Led by an edgy Mr Finger character, it allowed young kids to dip their toes in the urban grunge scooter scene that they find appealing. With accessories like ramps and quarter pipes, Finger Whips quickly established a cult following with kids posting their tricks and stunts on social channels.

Space Putty tapped into the trend of puttys and slimes to create a unique branded offering. The range of colours was eclectic with bold brights like Isotope Green and Proton Pink, to neons like Plasma Blue and Argon Yellow, – names that made it feel as if the product had originated from outer space. Hoping to capitalise on the success of the original products, we also developed new product ranges for the brand. We created a range of Alien characters that included plastic pieces so that you could make your own extra terrestrials and watch them melt as the putty slowly settled and pooled, and the Robots that used some really cool metallic putty that truly looked like they had landed from a different planet!