Store Within a Store

Wilko found that their toy sales were suffering because the packaging didn’t convey enough of a sense of fun, lacked excitement and drama that you would typically expect from this category.

Our strategy was built around elevating the toy category to make it a key shopping destination within the Wilko store – we wanted Wilko toys to become credible alternatives to the branded offerings. Their range of products were diverse and spanned a wide age group from pre-school to tweenagers. It was clear from the start that a ‘one size fits all’ approach would not allow enough flexibility for each of the sub-categories to be communicated effectively.

We built a strong range architecture, which developed the look for the entire category, but more importantly it allowed enough flexibility so that sub-sections could build their own personalities, for example the look for pre-school dolls range required a very different tone and feel to radio controlled cars.

The ’tittle’ device was born from the Wilko logo and it was utilised across all packs as a device to hold either graphics or photography allowing the rest of the pack space for the sub-brand. The approach to sub-branding was developed from two trains of thought; firstly that at the time, it was considered that the Wilko logo was actually a barrier for some purchases, for example if product was bought as a gift, and that a sub-brand strategy would help. secondly it would help elevate their own branded products to be more competitive against the brands, then side-by-side Wilko would always win on price.

Careful consideration was given to each category, making sure that they communicated the right information at the right level – increasing their credibility with the consumer. For example the key for the pre-school range Little Steps was to highlight the developmental benefits of the product to parents whilst the primary focus for craft was about freeing your imagination and inspiring unique creations.