Brand Reassurance

Historic brands are coming under increasing pressure to maintain their status as the market leaders. Their advantage is being eroded not just by own-label offerings and new challenger brands, but by a change in shopping habits – shoppers are researching the digital channels first. New Millennial Mums have the reviews and opinions of thousands of other mums right at their fingertips and these help them to make more informed choices. But leading brands are bouncing back by playing their trump card – their heritage. By exploiting the brand values that have got them to where they are now, building on the trust that customers have in their brand and reinforcing their USP to good effect.

ELC is a brand that most would recall when asked to name a pre-school brand. It amplifies it’s educational message to help inform and communicate that its products are doing more than making play fun. Creating a strong visual architecture that heroes the product, married with a tone of voice that is authoritative and informed – with clear on pack communication of age suitability and child development.