Building Brands

Kids love to play with construction kits and building blocks, the construction toy category has gained market share in recent years with parents seeking alternatives to ‘screen’ time. This insight coupled with the Danish market leaders patent on construction bricks ending meant that there was a huge opportunity for Wilko to re-engage consumers with their own range of construction sets called Blox. Its packaging didn’t convey the trust or excitement of the brand leader. We recognised that both kids and parent needed to buy into the Blox brand so creating exciting and engaging packaging combined with a credible look that gained trust for repeat purchases was essential.

We wanted the product to inhabit the world that kids played in, so we did just that – by building bespoke photography sets that the product could interact with and adopting a macro photography style that got in amongst the action delivered a compelling ‘kids eye view’.  We also helped standardise pack formats reducing them down to just six, so this helped with not only the production cost but also photography briefing for subsequent range extensions. The pack featured the Blox ‘hero’ character who quickly became the spokesperson for the brand and it allowed for a little fun and humour both on pack and at all other customer touchpoints.

The Blox range has a huge impact on shelf. Its structured design and attention to detail has helped to grow an own-label brand, that’s now worth in excess of £10 million.